Slit Lamp SL-D Series

Slit Lamp SL-D Series

Product Overview

The Topcon SL-D Series is the first “true” digital slit lamp series that combines high optical performance with versatile digital capability. The concept of the “true” digital slit lamp is based on the extensive range of optional digital capture devices that can be mounted on these outstanding clinical instruments. Paramount among these is the dedicated DC-3 Digital Camera that provides easy-to-capture, high quality digital images.
These premier diagnostic instruments offer superior clinical performance with unmatched digital capability.

Fluorescein Observation of the Anterior Segment

SL-D7 and SL-D8Z Models (Factory option*)

The optional filters combination enables the particular to obtain superb fluorescein images and videos, Image (A) shows the result that can be obtained with conventional cobalt blue illumination. Image(B) indicates the superior image that is achieved when the fluorescein observation filters combination is used. Image (C) demonstrates the significant contrast that can be achieved when the image is enhanced with IMAGEnet™ System.
*Since the filters are built into the instruments, this combination must be requested at time of order.

Amber Filter

The SL-D Series incorporates an amber filter, which can be easily inserted or removed and improves the contrast and color depth of the images.

IMAGEnet™ Systems (option)

The Topcon SL-D Series is capable of inputting images and data into the Topcon IMAGEnet™ system for versatile diagnostic processing and interpretation. The digital images generated can be captured for use in research, education, and clinical applications. IMAGEnet™ is a full-function, state-of-the-art digital imaging system for faster, more efficient acquisition, storage, retrieval and analysis of all types of ophthalmic images.

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