Operation Microscope OMS-800 OFFISS

Operation Microscope OMS-800 OFFISS

Product Overview


TOPCON has developed a state-of-art observation system for vitrectomy procedures that does not require the use of fiberoptic illumination. The TOPCON OFFISS system does not require the complicated focusing since the microscope head and the front lens move independently of each other facilitating clear focus in virtually any situation. The image inverter will activate automatically whenever the OFFISS is in use. The front lens can be easily replaced with a simple operation, saving time and increasing efficiency. Also, the new 80D and 120DS front lenses expand the selection for the various needs of retinal surgery. All front lenses are now autoclawable so shorter sterilization time (about 5 min) is required for a more efficient performance of the surgical suite.

Bright Wide Field

The Topcon OMS-800 Operation Microscope, known by its breakthrough technology and outstanding wide field, expands its view even further, allowing the surgeon to visualize as far as the Ora Serrata for vitreo retinal surgery, while maintaining clear and precise detail throughout the surgical field. Topcons pursuit for perfection, continues in the developing of its models OMS-800 and of operating microscopes, adapting them to the needs of modern ophthalmic procedures consistent with the tradition of high quality and durability that made Topcon the World Leader in Ophthalmic Equipment.

Superb image quality for cataract surgery

With the advancement of cataract surgery and phacoemulsification techniques, an increasing number of Surgeons are performing simultaneous cataract and vitreous surgeries. By using a three direction illumination system, the OMS-800 provides an improved red reflex with better shadow and contrast even in low illumination Conditions.

A selection of illumination angles

Three different types of illumination angles are available to meet any lighting needs during surgery. Each mode can be easily selected from the footSwitch.

Anti stain coating lens

The OMS-800 employs anti-stain, watershedding coating for all objective lenses and eyepieces. The optical components remain clean and maintain its quality for a longer time.

For more information, please download the OMS-800 brochure

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