Auto Kerato-Refracto Tonometer TRK-2P

Auto Kerato-Refracto Tonometer TRK-2P

Product Overview

  • Refractometer, Keratometer, Non-Contact Tonometer, and Pachometer in one single instrument
  • Fully automated
  • Rotating touch screen control panel
  • Compact and modern design


Ultra easy solution in pretesting

This unique 4 in 1 instrument is ideal for busy and the most modest of screening rooms. The TRK-2P is not only smaller than its predecessor, but the result of such unique combination of 4 instruments in 1 means that only one instrument is needed for all your pretest requirements. It saves the half space than Auto-Refractometer, Keratometer, Non-Contact Tonometer. For the patient, travelling from one station to another is no longer required.

Fully Automated Measurement

The TRK-2P is fully automated and both eyes can be measured during one sitting, gathering valuable information accurately and quickly. Such efficient operation results in less discomfort to the patient and a speedy examination.

Flexible and Space Saving Layout

The rotating touch screen control panel enables for the instrument to be positioned against the wall; in the corner of the room or in the classic forward facing way. It optimizes further the room space than keeping the facing position. The operator also has flexibility to be behind the patient to offer support when needed.

Easy-to-Use 8.5 inch color touch panel monitor

The large monitor is very multifunctional, including: manual alignment control panel; manual shooting button; and an easy to see display of live anterior image during the measurement. Each measurement mode is clearly displayed with icons and actions for ring image, pupil diameter, results and menu settings are all extremely easy to use.

Accurate and reliable refractive measurements

With Topcon’s exclusive Rotary Prism Technology, the TRK-2P provides unmatched accuracy and reliability. The innovative optical design incorporated into the TRK-2P allows for accurate and reliable measurements with a pupil as small as φ2mm

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