• Icare® probes
  • Icare® probes
  • Icare® probes

Icare® probes

Product Overview

Icare® tonometers work on a patented rebound principle, in which a light-weight probe moves in a magnetic field and makes momentary contact with the cornea. The measurement requires no air or anesthetic drops.
The probe is a gold-plated metallic wire – which enables probe’s accurate movement in the magnetic field – and a small plastic tip made of medical grade plastic that gently touches the cornea. The probe’s weight and straightness tolerances are very tight to ensure repeatable IOP measurements.
Icare probes are individually packaged for safe and contamination free measurement of each patient. The probes are designed for single-use only and they should not be cleaned or re-used. Cleaning or mishandling the probe can damage it and affect the accuracy of the measurement results. Re-using probes could cause cross contamination of bacteria and it may shorten the life cycle of the device.
To ensure patient safety and the accuracy of IOP measurements, we recommend to use the original Icare® probes only.

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