Layout Navigator LN-100

Layout Navigator LN-100

Product Overview

  • Layout and Topo measurement with extremely simple operation
  • Simple instrument set up with Automatic leveling
  • Android Terminal as controller
  • One-person layout by Automatic Target Tracking
  • Compact and Light weight design
  • TSshield equipped onboard

Simple, Easy and straightforward operation

Automatic Self-levelling


After the Power is turned ON, the instrument automatically starts leveling itself, With internal precise tilt sensor and motorized mechanism.
Conventional way for leveling the instrument with foot screws were totally eliminated.

Choose set up method


For setting up instrument at any given point, 4 methods are supported, in order to flexibly adapt to different situations of known point availability at the construction site. This will help easy orientation of the instrument.

  • Resection (Instrument at any givenpoint and measure 2 known points)
  • Instrument at any given point and measure 2 points (coordinate origin and a point on one of coordinate axis)
  • Instrument at a known point and measure a back sight point (known point)
  • Instrument at the coordinate origin and measure a point on one of coordinate axis.

Android Terminal as Controller


Android terminal can be used as a controller of the instrument and measurement.
The exclusive control software, “TopLayout” is a free software. Transferring design or measured coordinate data can be done directly with PC or through e-mail or cloud server using on the Android terminal.
With this communication functions, field and office are connected effectively.

Wide Working Coverage


The measurement can be preformed in 200m diameter area centered by the instrument and within +/-10m elevation difference between the instrument and prism.
This eliminates unnecessary change of instrument location, therefore, improve efficiency of entire measuring or layout work.

Functions for Speedy Stakeout works, improves efficiency 30%

Guide Light — Brig to recognize


The Guide Light guides operator to instantly recognize the line between the instrument and the selected stake out point, with clearly visible Green and Red lights.

High speed position update


Prism position on the terminal display is updated 20 times/second, which enables very smooth trace of prism movement, without feeling delay, and therefore, locating prism precisely to the stake out point.

Both hands can be used

Holding the terminal on the arm holder, both hands become usable which greatly improves speed and efficiency of works to drive in stakes or nails.

Special algorithm


Actual layout work flow were carefully examined and an exclusive algorithm was employed to most suit to actual work flow through putting stakes/nails to measure and record stake/nail positions.
After once the prism is laid down to the ground and plumbed again after putting the stake, the instrument will immediately and automatically re-lock the prism. Therefore, the operator does not need to care instrument status nor control the instrument to search and lock the prism and can concentrate to put the stake and measure its position.
The works necessary o be done at the stake out point can be very efficiently accomplished.

Simple Design System

Simple Operation, only by 3 Buttons and Android Terminal for controls.



The World first support system, TSshield safe guards your LN-100
The LN-100 is equipped with the TSshied, the world first user support system onboard.
Integrated multi-functional communication module communicates information such as, location and status of instrument, with the exclusive support Server.
Based on the information, the instrument owner will receive timely support such as software update.
* This service may not be available in some areas

LN-100 Product Movie                                                                                            LN-100 TSshield Registration Procedure

LN-100_movie_thumb_E.jpg     LN-100_movie_tsshield_thumb_E.jpg

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